Sunday, April 23, 2006

Hello Blog!...poor little blog sitting here in cyberspace patiently waiting for me to return lol!

Well Gran and Pop came, they saw, they hugged, they cuddled, they earned lots and lots of Grandparent badges, they cooked Jim and I a fabulous, candle lit meal, they babysat so we could go out for a drink together, they were tourists and saw sights, they were family and plebbed at home with us, they inspired us to landscape a Japenese garden outside the new extension (still in the planning stages but watch this space, so excited, can't wait to get stuck into this!), It was wonderful having them and horrible to have to say goodbye, emotions are raw but in a good way and we are going to save hard so we can do it again soon, and join them on a tour of the South Island in 3 or 4 years time (fingers crossed)!

Time to return to things left untouched for the last 3 weeks (wow it seemed longer than that which is good I guess!) like my scrapping friends on Yahoo and this blog, time to get stuck into more scrapping... MIL loved looking through my albums for real rather than pics on the web.

We miss you already Gran and Pop!!