Wednesday, November 26, 2008


thought I better dash in and pop something up for November!!

We had a fun day out two weekends ago with Play Centre on the Kawakawa steam was great to have all the Play Centre gang bring their Dads and brothers and sisters along too.

This is the lovely Gabriel who is lovingly looked after by the volunteers at the railway....and just behind you can see the Kawakawa fish and chip shop....does the most beautiful fresh fish with a herbed batter.....just in case you are ever passing through...highly recommend you stop and try the fish and chups here!!!
Some of the big brothers and Sisters...

chuffing down the main street...the Hundertwasser dunnies to the left......Dad and Samuel enjoy the rural scenery and count pukeko's and cabbage tree's... The volunteers love to show off their pride and joy and Samuel soaked it all many levers and dials and of course the fire

and Yay! now we don't have to listen to the kids asking to go on the train everytime we drive through Kawakawa any more lol!!

The warmer weather is upon us at last...Samuel has been enjoying a dip in his 'pool' most afternoons and the vege garden is putting on a spurt all of a sudden! We are expanding all the time and have nearly completed the whole circle of the parterre pattern at more bed to dig!!

Dad and Joseph built a go-cart together for the trolley derby at Kea's but I'll have to pop those pics on later as they are on Jim's camera...apparently theirs wasn't the fastest but was the most controlled...which in my book is a very good thing...I was having the horrors thinking of him flying out of control down a tarmac road lol!! After my stern face and raised eyebrows over the fact that their was no brake...the inventors went back to work and devised a brake to appease the great Mum goddess....heh, heh!!!

I don't have many flower type plants in my garden these days but these pretty little love in the mists are very special as they are from seeds Mum gave me from the ones at the farm...they are planted next to the garage so just as I used to admire the farm ones which were always by the gate as you walked in from the car...I now admire these as we go to and from the car....oh and Mum and Dad...the orchids have just flowered with some lovely great stems....I keep meaning to find out how to look after them properly but they seem to have liked the complete lack of attention I have given them and just got on with things lol!! Sometimes I do remember to splash a bit of water their way...but other than that, thats it!! Keep em keen, treat em mean seems to work!

On the scrapping front, its hard to find a spare moment lately but I have been having a little play with digital scrapbooking which is a lot of fun..I'm learning new stuff all the time...I did this one for last Sunday's Bossy Scrapper at Scrapbook Studio (thanks Boss Jenny for the fun sketches you found for us to work off) and was very proud to work out how to cut my photo into a circle all by myself lol!!

If you are a digi or hybrid scrapper don't forget to check out Louise Williams new site her team have some fun kits to get you creating.

Paper scrapping wise I joined in the Halloween ATC swap at Scrapbook Studio and created 8 of these...which once you are on a roll wasn't too bad at all...although I did stick to a fairly simple design...I think she's a sweetie little wannabe witch though lol...

There is one more ATC swap happening before Christmas so if you are keen come on over and sign up here...this months theme is FABRIC.

If you are looking for a great way to wrap up your scrapping for 2008 check out fellow DT member Sonya's highlights for 2008 challenge here and her layout for inspiration here upload it in the gallery by December 30th to be in to win some fabbo alcohol inks from Scrapbook Studio.

There is also sign ups for the December guest designer here just put your name down and you will be in the draw to receive a lovely goodie box of scrap supplies to design with.

You have until 30th November to complete Liannes Sketch challenge and Lisa's monthly competition

and if that isn't enough to keep you going its my turn to post up the new NZdare on Friday...heh, heh...this one will get you thinking! and oh my goodness its almost time for a new Kiwi Jack too!!

Phewf...well that makes me tired just thinking about it so I'm off to check on my smallest one who has a tummy bug...he was horrified when I said this to him earlier because before he gets in his paddling pool Mum has to scoop out a large variety of unfortunate Northland bugs which have come to a watery end...'Muuummmmm buuuggs'! lol! So poor kid now thinks he has some creepy crawlies from the pool lurking around in his tummy!!

Oh and one last thing if you havn't seen it already....Jim and I highly recommend the BBC tv series 'Life on Mars' we just finished watching the series on DVD and were hooked!!

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Playing catch up here...

Some pics of last weekend...

Homemade Halloween fun...

Got the boys busy creating their own monster masks....

"Slime and Blood" drinks went down well after all that monster tag in the long grass...
I made up Trick or Treat bags which contained these hard case teeth...very funny....

Followed by ghost stories before bed...the kids had a whale of a time...who needs to go walking the streets knocking on strange doors aye!!

The following day was Patricks birthday party day....a friend over for lunch, spider man cupcakes, treasure hunt and then into town to see Wall-E at the living in small towns....we were the only ones there for the 1pm session lol!! Had the whole place to ourselves...didn't have to listen to other people rustling their sweet packets, the kids could talk and laugh loudly, Samuel systematically went round and put every single seat down and tried sitting in the front row, the back row and every row in between heh, heh....a very happy six year old...had a lovely day and then on Tuesday his actual birthday got a few more pressies too....thanks to all the far-now who sent something...he loved everything!!

Fast forward through a week of Samuel going down with a cough and cold, having a pet lamb to stay while its owners were out of town, an uneventful guy fawkes, and ususal weekly stuff to today...
It was the BOI A and P/food festival show at Waimate North (2 mins up the road) today. And we actually entered some stuff for a laugh. Seeing as we have been into making our own bread lately we decided to make some for the baking section, I made the traditional white loaf and Jim made his fancy beer pull apart loaf with poppy seeds on the top...Joseph made chocolate truffles...I made a jar of lemon honey and we picked 3 of the best Avocado's off the tree to put in the garden produce section....

Look what we came home with!!!!

A first for my bread, highly commended for Jim's, highly commended for Joseph's truffles, 2nd for the Avo's....and sadly nowhere for the lemon it has since been spread liberally over thick pieces of bread and is nearly it really was rather good despite its lack of award!! Very chuffed we all are with our last minute efforts....

...and we also won the DOC raffle for 4 native it was a bit of a lucky day for us!

Had a fun few hours at the show, Joseph and Patrick tried the rock climbing wall, Joseph had a good go at it and got about 3/4 way up several times...Patrick got a quarter of the way, looked down and bottled it lol! Thought he was very brave to try though...he said he would give it another go next year when he was bigger...good on ya P!

They all scored toys in the treasure dig, Jim brought the most expensive sausage in bread ever from the food festival tents lol...well they were choice organic sausages with saurkraut in french I let him off....luckily the kids were starving so after eyeing the saurkraut suspiciously for a couple of seconds (in which I was thinking oh my god Jim why on earth did you buy fancy sausages with strange vegetables on the top!!!)I was amazed and happy to be proven wrong and watched them wolf the lot!! Apart from Samuel who was far too busy jumping on and off pieces of farm machinary to bother about eating!!

Came home to spend the rest of the afternoon vege patch gardening... and dreaming and scheming of what we could grow and enter in next years show lol!!