Monday, October 27, 2008

And then the sun came out....

(look Celia and Mafoo the apple tree you gave us is blossoming!...don't ask about the pear tree..its umm sort of recovering after being munched badly by the goats...but it should come right eventually!)

Hope the sun is shining on you too, where ever you may be!!
Last night was our 17th Bossy Scrapper round at Scrapbook Studio, we have a fun night chatting and scrapping so do pop in and join in every Sunday 8pm in the chat room...feeling super clean and keen at my newly tidied desk lol...I dusted off this pic of me and my the summery barefeet in dresses and the classic pic on the steps of our old house.... thats 30 years ago lol!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend...weathers a bit chilly for my liking but hey it could be worse....could be out camping in a tent like some crazy people seem to have an urge to do on Labour weekend....rather them than me!! Tents = hot summery weather, people!! not weird four seasons in one day Spring weather!

Well we are on the runaway train towards Christmas....wooowhoooo...all aboarrrdddd!! The school have hosted 6 other local schools for the annual Cross Country was a good day, perfect weather and the both boys gave it their best...

Patrick spurred on by the smell of the sausage sizzle and the prospect of a sausage sarnie coming in 4th in the 5 year olds...

and Joseph kept it steady all the way coming in 11th in the 7 year olds... you can tell it is obviously uncool to smile and look happy as Mum takes your picture in front of your mates...heh, heh, heh!!

Have been busy with Play Centre stuff the Dads working hard out knocking up a raised vege patch for the kids last weekend...Its a small space but should be enough to have some fun growing a variety of veges...a teacher at the school passed on an idea for a very cool project to try and allow us more room to grow things...she suggested we try the upside down bucket idea for growing tomatos...check it out here The vege patch has been constructed in the old sandpit which is under a clear covered verandah so it already has strong beams for us to hang the buckets from in place and will stop those little fingers picking the tomatos before they are ready too!! Will share some pics when we are under way!

The boys are going great guns at their keyboard lessons and the teacher is having to give them extra songs to keep them from getting too far ahead in their songbooks from the others in the class!

Hmmmm I bet you can guess what Joseph was about to do at the end there!! Boys and their obsession with showing their butts huh!! Not suprising really if you know their Uncles lol!!! Just hope he dosn't end his performance the same way at the upcoming Christmas recital!!

The Scrapbook Studio DT have their October inspiration up

Awww....still can't believe it was 10 years ago now!! Love how the Prima Paintables turn out, you really can't go wrong with those and the new Tinkering Ink papers are alot of fun! We had been talking on the forum about using up our older film photos so for my layouts I chose pics from my pre digi camera '90's...its fun to scrap some older memories and good to liven up those old pics!

Thought this was fun check out this awesome could scrapbook straight onto the wall lol!!

Anyway thats us for another stretch...Patricks birthday next weekend....time to stock up on party poppers and balloons again! He has ordered a Spider man times in the kitchen ahead...Jiiimmmmm help....

Monday, October 06, 2008

Something momentuous to blog about heh, heh!!

Joseph has lost his first baby tooth...he's only been waiting all year for a tooth to get wiggly and fall out like everybody else in his class. It started feeling a bit loose last week and he's been working it hard out backwards and forwards (eewwww!) until last night after tea it finally gave up the fight! tiny little thing that it is! I came into the bathroom afterwards to find him grinning into the mirror at the gap in his teeth muttering 'At last, at last...!'

The tooth fairy did her duty last night...she was a rich one!! Two dollars!! (dang it was all I had in my wallet!!) You always get heaps for the first tooth and not so much for the following ones I've told case next time all I've got is 20c!

In other news...of which there is none really! we are all fine, the animals are fine, the weather has been fine!! which has been fantastic for the holidays...first bit of rain today though....
The avocado tree is dripping with avo's again this who was sent up to get the ones at the top....
Everyone wave to the crazy guy in the tree....

Dad and the boys had fun making a teepee out of the plentiful bamboo we have around the place...Might have to try growing runner beans up some this year...the seeds we planted a while back are all sprouting away...they'll be ready for transplanting into the garden soon...we have had to fence off the vege patch properly from the goats...Lulu the wiley one soon figured she could smash down the temporary fencing we had around it...but it looks good now Jim has taken down some of the fencing between it and the house so it has become part of the garden as a whole rather than being just stuck out in the paddock.

The weather has even been nice enough for a spot of this on had to crop this pic to spare you the full frontal heh, heh!!

This poor old paddling pool finally gave in to a zillion little holes and we've since invested in a new one for the summer.

Scrapping wise there is a new Kiwi Jack up for the month so head on over for some home grown inspiration

and why not have a go at this one at Scrapbook Studio 1+1+1 challenge deadline is Friday night..

And Lisa has the new theme up for the ATC dares blog 1950's retro!! very cool...can't wait to have a play with this one....

If you are going to SENZ have a fun time and try not to spend all your $$ on the first day lol!! If like me you are staying home :-( then come and check out the forum at Scrapbook Studio
where we'll have some fun things going on for those who can't wangle it to Welly for the weekend!!).

Now lookee here Rae!! what is the meaning of this tagging me lol!! I've always managed to avoid this before or more acurately ignore this before heh, heh...sorry if you were one of the ones who have tagged me and I ignored it....but for the lovely Rae I will give a go...but later...will have to think up some suitably random answers first!