Wednesday, February 20, 2008

My Scrapbook Studio DT work for Feb! yes very black and white...everything in my kit was lol!! kinda shocking for a girl who likes to mix every colour imaginable onto a page!! I actually really enjoyed it...a bit like having a holiday from colourful patterns...paint and pens were handy for adding a dash of colour!

Even got carried away and created a journal from a cardboard box and some old office supply file folder pages and a sweet little flip page pocket calendar for me bag!

Umm yeah so I have been doing rather alot of scrapping lately.... Kids and Jim and the dogs and the sheep are still here I promise.....note to self...take more pics of the family otherwise you won't have anything to scrap roflmao!!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Told you I was working on it! My contribution to the NZ use 10 or more photos on your layout. I was flicking through my photos on the computer wondering which ten to put together when I noticed quite a few featuring yellow 'things'!! Yellow is my favourite feel good happy colour....or though the weird thing is when people ask me what my favourite colour is I always automatically say blue...because it used to be blue when I was five rofl!! Although I do still like blue...I think Yellow is my grown up favourite lol!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Definately in the mood for scrapping today and the poor chocolate chippie biscuit baking suffered as a result and got left in a liitttlleee to long rofl!! ...still edible just rather crunchy!! as did ahem cough the housework....shame on me!

Here are today's creations...if you hadn't heard there are lots of fun challenges up and running on the message boards at Scrapbook Studio purely because we can! the more the merrier so come on over!

This one inspired by Heidi's challenge to use black/white and one other colour....

and this one for Kelly's sketch challenge....had to laugh as I went for a roughed up look with the paper and Patrick helpfully commented...aww stink Mum your paper got all scrumpled up! much for my arty look rofl!

New NZdare up...I'm working on it.

Also I promised to share the chocolate chippie recipe....and remember to set the timer...just saying...heh, heh I was about to type it out and then I noticed the website at the bottom of the extremely stained, scrumpled recipe'd think a scrapbooker would DO something with her favourite recipes wouldn't you?!

So here it is Chocolate Chip biscuit recipe

Friday, February 15, 2008

I have been scrapping.

I have finished Kims layout for her (she was one of the lucky December Jack me Up winners), sorry can't show you that one until she sees it first though lol, its busily winging its way to Aus this minute...and I will have a bone to pick with the Post people if they lose this! package!! Oh and have you seen Kims Kwik Kliks

This is one I did for Scrapbook Studio this afo using more of my January DT kit...who dosn't love thickers!! The pp is Stemma and I used the fancy pants transparency polka dots to embellish along with a basic grey rubon....sometimes simple is good! My little cute and small! Even if he is the defination of the term 'terrible two' at the moment rofl!

I feel like doing more scrapping this weekend if you want to join me check out THIS THREAD at Scrapbook Studio for some fun can come along and add your own too whether they are ones you've seen elsewhere and always wanted to try out or lo and behold be it one you've thought up right this minute lol! come along and share the inspo, the prompts and get some pages done and have some fun in the process!

You know you really want to alter a loo roll tube don't you!! heh, heh...oh come on you know you do!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I've decided that Thursday is a decidedly unsexy day to have Valentines day....don't know what it is, middle of the week maybe or maybe its cause its the Thurs part sounds so dosn't exactly roll prettily off the tongue now does it...roll on next year when its on a Friday is a sexier day by far I think lol!!

Anway I found this rather fun....cheesy fun....but fun nonetheless thing called smilebox and you can create all sorts of funky greetings, postcards, layouts even to send people or add to your blog like I am about to inflict on you mwah ha ha! So here is my little tribute to Valentines always makes me feel silly!! The bee flying upside down just does it for me lol!!

Click to play Feeling Hot!
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Oh and if you need some inspiration for a card for your hunk of burning love this Vellies check out NZdares for some gorgeous creations!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Kei mai koe ki au, he aha te mea nui te no?
Makue ki atu - he tangata, he tangata, he tangata.

If you should ask me, what is the most important thing in this world?
I will say - it is people, it is people, it is people.

I saw this on another blog tonight and I really liked it as it pretty much summed up our day. I think this is the first year I have really felt the true meaning of the day...previously it was always just another day off, but today it was all happening 'just down the road' and here we were stepping onto the treaty grounds, admiring that beautiful swathe of lawn where a huge part of NZ's history was played out... running from the treaty house and the marae down to the sea, the flags flying, the navy band playing the anthem and more, enjoying the day and the sunshine with lots of other kiwis (and tourists taking it all in too) and really feeling it ya know!

The boys soaked it all up, the carvings and the mighty waka a big hit...

As were the huge bouncy castles they were allowed on for free later....lots of fun stuff was going on which made for a great atmosphere.

Oh and I can't leave you with out showing off the yummy homemade icecream Joseph and I made the other tastes as delicious as it looks and it wasn't hard to make at all....we just used the edmonds cook book recipe, but something the book dosn't tell you is to whip it up again after freezing for a couple of hours and then put it back in the freezer for another hour or so for the perfect consistancy....other wise it is too soft and fluffy, so yeah you need to knock some of the air out of it. We used fresh vanilla pod seeds in this batch but are looking forward to experimenting with different flavours...fruit purees, hokey pokey, choc chip....Patrick who loves Jelly wants me to try and make Jelly tip ....hmmm could be messy! Anway the general consensus is homemade is definately best and we'll be making our own from now there Tip Top *blowing a raspberry* lol!!

PS... Beverley next time I'll share the choc chip cookie recipe too I promise!

Back to school and playcentre tomorrow...the bags and lunch boxes are all lined up waiting...yeehaa!

Sunday, February 03, 2008

You can make your own Library card here ...heh, heh, have fun.

Saturday, February 02, 2008

I found my favourite chocolate chippie biscuit recipe that i'd 'lost' today....the best choc chip bikkie recipe ever...crispy and crunchy on the outside with a slight chewiness in the centre and easy peasy to easy in fact that Joseph makes them now was a printout on a piece of a4 paper and do you think I could find it for the last 2 months or so! I turned the kitchen upside down and inside out, went through every single recipe and book I have and nothing, so annoying...then today I opened my recipe book which has all the loose recipes that need to be stuck in properly but i can't be bothered to fell out and floated to the ground...mmmmm life is as it should be again lol!

Its summer yay! Yay! YAY! I like summer. The garden is adrift in cicada shells and their song.

Jim and I are very proud of ourselves today...we crutched our sheep...we feel like proper lifestyle blockers now we've carefully trimmed them with a pair of kitchen scissors rofl! Ain't no flies going to infest our girls, they are as clean as a whistle! and no we are not silly enough to shear them entirely by hand with the scissors, we'll bring in the big guns for that job eventually!

We've been really enjoying little escapes to the beach recently, waiting until Jim finishes work then head off with a picnic tea to soak up the last of the day. Our current favourite is the lovely sheltered Opito bay, lots of shady trees, pebbles not sand which is better for picnics! and the calm water is great for kids and soothing swimming after a long day....Samuel is slowly getting over his suspicion over the water and now ventures in up to his knees for a splash and on the odd occasion a sit down!

and finally a stroll along the beach to the rocks at the other end for some exploring.

We also sneaked in a final visit to the the farm...really noticed how dry it is in the Waikato at the moment...oh and yes that is our resident poser Samuel in the pic yet again!!

Joseph practically lived in the pool and can now proudly execute a very splashy form of freestyle across the width of the pool lol! Grandad also taught him how to do Honeypots!

New Jack is up...Neen chose a real good one for you start the year off with! Heres my version...
and one from my Scrapbook Studio DT kit...american craft paper, mm velvet sayings (these are so fuzzy and nice!), basic grey rubons and crystal bling! Such a cute pair!