Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Heh, heh, isn't he cute....and a bit of fun for the kids (and me!) to put together one rainy day! There are lots of different ones to choose from and they are free to down load here cute wee site!
I found the link here at Elles studio the etsy shop is sponsoring the prize for nz dares this round...

Some scrapping over the last couple of weeks...

This one for the NZ dares to use numbers on your layout...I have a little book of quotes from the books written by Paulo Coelho...which I have been loving at the moment and this one especially which reminds me to find 'the magic moments' amongst the 1001 every day things! Its a bit of a hard case picture but it tells me that we are who we are and we can still have fun and do cool things even if we are having a bad hair day or a bad mood day...whatevah!!

I have been reading again....whole books at a time....and not just bedtime story's for the boys! I have joined the reading club forum at SiStv...and its good motivation, so many people have recommended the author Jodi Picoult and finally I know why... just finished up her novel My Sisters Keeper the other night...will be scouring the library shelves for more! Hmmm although I have a huge hard copy of Bryce Courtneys The Persimmon Tree to tackle first though...

I am also reading The Spiderwick Chronicles to the boys, we finished the first two books in two nights lol!! and are waiting impatiently for the next three to come into the library. Dad took them to see it at the movies too last weekend while Samuel and I hit the shops in Whangarei lol! Well we started by going into a 2nd hand book shop first....fatal....before I knew it the phone was was out and I hadn't even bought the new jeans I was after!!

Anyway books are my thing at the I came up with this little 'Book lovers companion' with my Scrapbook Studio DT kit for April...

Go here to my Sistv gallery to view

(I nearly choked on my milo this morning when I saw both of these made the catwalk on SiS this week!! Thank you Gigi and Becca you made my day!)

The new Kiwi Jack is going up today....Beverley has chosen a really fun layout i know you will like!

The holidays are going well...a bit of argy bargy between the boys at times but they would be pretty abnormal if they didn't don't ya think....I say trying to convince myself this is the case even though it drives me completely batty at times!!

I find it so cool that they Joseph and Patrick have their own friends they go round to or invite here....Patrick and his little friend are so cute, ringing each other up!!

Today we went for a blat on the beach at Matauri know a hoon, a run, a get rid of the cobwebs....not a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich! We had egg sandwiches. lol. Anyway it was SOOO warm, the breeze, the sea and all three boys plus Bert went in for a dip!

Doing the hulaballoola cause Mum said we had too as we looked like tin soldiers all lined up with our arms by oursides complete with fake smile! Samuel didn't move a muscle, contrary wee sod lol!

Look at wee Harry dog...enjoying his day at the the dark! (Harry is blind for those who don't know lol!) and dosn't let it bother him one bit! Bert is his seeing eye dog...white...I pretend I'm going in with my big brothers.... then I spin around and race the waves in....

and then I pretend I'm going in....

Warning, mad dog having fun....coming through!

Catch of the day!

Whoa look out Patricks caught an egg sandwich!

Happy boys! Happy day!

Oh and just in case i have a secret stalker i *need* more alphabet stickers and holy moly just look at the cool schtuff in here

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Isn't funny how some things just crack you up for no real reason....this t-shirt of mine does...just tickles my funny bone....
Hey look at us zipping along! we're on broadband, things move a bit faster so blogging should be a little less time consuming these days...especially as I like adding lots of pics!

It was a busy couple of weeks leading up to the end of term, pet day was a winner, great day, lots of happy kids and an interesting array of pets despite the no dog rule... the boys came up with some great entries .... Joseph caught some crickets and made them a little habitat in a container which earned him 2nd place in the creepy crawlies section...they are not in the pic as he had already let them go, but you can see the wee info sheet he made to go with them.

Patrick was unsuccessful in his attempts to catch crickets and we came up empty handed after spending a good half hour searching the bushes and under rocks for anything else suitable....apparently snails were dumb so the ones I triumphantly discovered were happily left to go on their slimy way. He is quite interested in fish so I helped him create his own fish tank with a cut up drink bottle and some bits of card and a few stones and prize for this but he scored a highly commended on the fish he made out of recycled items! Both boys helped each create a fabulous pair of giraffes made from veges and won third place for their efforts!

The school disco was a success too...although I felt rather creaky and old as I muttered how dreadful I thought the music was rofl!! Lots of gangster type rap type stuff eeek! Didn't seem to worry the kids though and the DJ was free so can't complain!

Soccer in Russell last week mean't an exciting trip across the water in the fast ferry taxi...I'm sure the guy steering the boat did a few extra little swerves and stuff for the kids benefit, yay him! Both kids and parents agreed this was a very cool way to get to soccer...and the Russell games will be looked forward too! No soccer now until after the school holidays...aww man just when we were getting into it!

Tried out our hand shears on the sheep last weekend who went first....yep the one who looks like a fluffy white cloud heh, heh...Rosie has been feeling a million bucks all week with her flash new do...Poppy's turn this afternoon!

The double decker kitchen table tent...entertainment on a rainy day....

Our favourite cookie of the moment...Chocolate Crinkles.

I found this super cute apron pattern when we were in Welly last month....just need to find some super cute fabric to make some up now!! I love the apple and pear they've used in the pattern pic....will have to keep my eyes peeled and do some searching...I looove the fabrics available at Scrapbook Studio but am keeping that in mind for a tote bag...for these little cuties i'm thinking something retro or some Japanese kawaii type fabric, will have to search the net and the second hand clothing shops too I reckon I might come up with something cooollll! Baking cookies will be so much more fun wearing one of these!

The latest NZdare is a cracker, SJ has chosen a great ad for inspiration...hope on over and check it out....complete a layout and be in to win a fab prize from TSS in Nelson. I came up with this for it...

Monday, April 07, 2008

It feels like Autumn....daylight saving is over, the sun is more mellow, warm breezes.....and the first soccer match of the season!! Yayyyy the boys were both excited to get on the field in their new red and black kit....
Hooray to the boys being on the same team, no dashing to different venues and they have a great little team and managed a win with almost everyone scoring a goal and getting lots of ball play....I like the fact that their are girls on the team too! !

I have a little challenge running at Scrapbook Studio.... Take Stock and dust off those old supplies and use them up! I found lots of slide mounts lurking in a drawer....and decided to use up/cut up some random 'dud' photos and compiled a fun little mini....also used a metal rimmed tag, a vellum definition and some cheesy old white rubon words,....I'm going to delve deeper into my dinosaur stash and create a layout this space lol!

This weekend we also....

planted pongas'....but had a minor malfunction when Jims spade hit the phone line and sliced it in two...'whats that dear?' did you say 'CRAP' rofl!! The stupido peeps who installed the phone line hadn't buried it deep was waiting to happen!

Samuel in his hot tub...who needs a bath aye! Pity its a bit small for my butt lol!

Poor Patrick stubbed his toe and so recuperated doing 'mazes'....his favourite thing...the tea-towel is so he dosn't have to see the blood lol....guess he's not going to be a docter or a vet then heh, heh!

Yep its definately Autumn...munching on Feijoas!

Full time job collecting bamboo leaves for the girls!

There is a couple more days to get your NZdare layout in....scrap a childhood memory....I combined mine with the very cute shorething Imaginisce goodies I got for my DT kit from Scrapbook Studio

I also created this sunny little layout using the kit....the colours are a bit off due to bad lighting but I wanted to show off all the cute little rubons, and tape and journalling boxes etc...etc..that come with this range! and I still have loads left!!....including that cute wee penguin stamp....keep a look out for more soon!

and not forgetting the Kiwi Jack Me starring the a layout by the lovely Trina McClune this month....we have also decided the winner each month will choose a following Jack...which is half the fun seeing as we are not a prize based if you want to Jack Up a scrapper you admire enter a link to your Jack in the comments and you will go into the draw!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Saying goodbye sucks, sorry not very eloquent but it just does!
We loved having you here Gran and Pop...thanks for coming, thanks for know we appreciate every bit!!!
Ka Kite Ano
Until next time!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

So you could say life is full on at the moment! a bit of stuff to catch up be prepared with a cup of tea and a bikkie, you might need some energy to get through this huge post!

First of all I would like to introduce you to ....'the girls'.... Chloe and Lulu joined us the week before Easter and have settled in beautifully to their new home...they get on famously with 'the two fat ladies' Poppy and Rosie and are getting friendlier by the day...we only have to pop our heads out the back door or arrive home in the car and they are maaa-ing their greetings and making their way over to the fence in hope of a few goat pellets and a chat. They live in goat paradise with several fallen logs to climb the kids fort to play in, lots to eat including the bamboo leaves which they love.

Chloe is the lovely lady in blue who has the funny habit of pushing her ears forwards and covering her eyes and Lulu is the wee lass in pink!

So yes our menagerie is growing and its really nice to look out the window and see them contentedly munching away out there...chooks are next I think....the kids are really enjoying the animals too....'all' this livestock means the paddocks need to be fenced properly though so Jim and Pop were hard out all week digging and hammering and tensioning wire...and just plain enjoying doing stuff together I suspect!
Neat and tidy and another big job done!

Joseph turned Seven on the day before Easter....friends over on the Friday and lunch out, mini golf and a water slide on the Saturday, a pokemon cake awesome pressies.....lots of good stuff!

Over Easter Jim and I were lucky enough to escape to Wellington for a couple of nights while Gran and Pop held the fort in the North...we had a ball, the best weather, we walked so much our feet and legs came home for a well earned rest! We did Te Papa, the City and Sea Museum, several galleries along the waterfront....the waterfront much fun, Cuba Street so cool and the shops...we found Lush and spoilt ourselves on yummy soaps and bathbombs...I reveled in the hotel bath....we brunched and drank coffee and found great places to eat! our fave was Chow and we overdid it at Strawberry Fayre the dessert restaurant...well it had to be done really! We rode the cable car and enjoyed the fabulous views from the top...such a fun city, great atmosphere, loved the street art and the people watching and the sights...definately will be back for another visit one day!

umm yep that is a billboard but it had to be done cause lately I've noticed Jims profanity of choice at the moment is 'CRAP' tee hee!...layout in the making of course!

Happy Tenth Anniversary to Us!!!
Meanwhile the kids were at home having a ball!! Gran and Pop had lots of little treats and suprises up their sleeves to keep them entertained all weekend! Cowboy outfits for J and P...

and a reversible Bob the builder/Fireman Sam outfit for Samuel...if you knew how much a fan of these two characters he is then you would understand the extreme coolness of it lol!

Phew life has also been.....

a blur of playcentre and playcentre workshops...finished my course 2 yay me!

Joseph and Patrick took part in the school Duathlon and in their age group J got 2nd and P got 3rd, they were well chuffed with that...Mum and Samuel cheering madly on the sideline!

Joseph and Patrick are going great guns with their Yamaha keyboard lessons and they (and me!) are really enjoying the fun way it is taught, its not just about the notes they are learning to sing, keep rhythm, and feel the music....a world of difference from the little lady in the church hall who taught piano when I was a kid....feel like an old granny saying that lol!!

Harry is coping amazingly well with his loss of eyesight....and is still able to chase his ball which is the main thing! He has a new found friend in Pop who will throw his ball tirelessly for him!

Jim is flatstick at work, they recently built the new astro turf Hockey pitch in Kaikohe which is due for its big opening in a couple of weeks...yay him and Works!

Soccer season has begun today with the boys having the first game this weekend...Oh and Patrick informed me the other day he has signed up for the Kapa Haka group at school...heh, heh what a dude, how cool is that....

Gran and Pop have had some great weather and have been busy digging in the vege patch and generally been very helpful elves around the place!! They have spent the last two nights in the Hokianga....and its rained on them! Oh dear but a good sunny day today....will post some more pics tomorrow Celia!
Crikey thats about enough for now.....congratulations if you got this far rofl!!!