Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Here are my favourite pics from my photography homework. I identified our hallway by the front door of all places as having good lighting and it also has a dark curtain which I used as a backdrop.

Wasn't going to do the NZ dares this time round, but started fiddling around this afternoon and put this one together using some of the making memories moulding strips that I 've had hanging around for absolutely ages!

Thursday, September 14, 2006

I took Vicky's online photography class at SBONZ on Tuesday night....This lady knows her stuff, but explained it so simply with the most awesome examples of her own pictures...that I 'got' it!! Now I just have to put it into practice which isn't so easy lol! I tend to be a panic clicker...but my subjects are usually kids or the dog and they move sooo darn quick! Anyway I have been carrying my camera around all day and trying to practice all the wonderful things we learnt this week...2 lessons to go...these are my favourite pics for the day...even the dog got to play soopermodel and said cheese...gotta love those teeth!

ps: do people usually iron their backdrop sheets or what? mine's definately got that crinkled look lol!

Monday, September 11, 2006

All Hail


Who ever invented the camera deserves a medal...I just love catching funny little moments like is going to make me a very happy old lady one day!!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Well done Mum, I forgot Fathers Day lol! well we all forgot really, I was reading the paper over Jims shoulder and noticed a big ad saying Fathers DAy Special!! The kids promptly announced they knew because it had been on 'What Now' that morning, but hadn't realised they were actually supposed to do anything lol! So they went out to the garden and picked Dad a you can tell we don't go for making a big deal out of these sorts of days, but its still nice to give them a hug and tell them they are appreciated...

Here is my layout for NZDares pattern paper dare...use 7 or more. My lovely niece Jessica is the star of this one!

Thanks Meg at Scrapbook Essentials for the chance to play at Guest Designer, I had such fun, the layouts I created can be seen up in the gallery now.

Jim has finished most of the hard landscaping now in the back garden for my Japanese garden so I can start planning and planting now...can't wait to get stuck in...