Monday, July 24, 2006

You Did What! is Dare #2 set by the No.8 wired daredevils this I dug out my hen night snaps and set about jazzing them up...had a ball playing with sequins, pink tulle and some very cool Rhonna Farrah patterned how my little chick turned out!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Whats for tea mum?!

Nooo, not content with walking since nine and half months this cheeky chap is now climbing the kitchen foot stool (which the big boys use to help and watch me cook) and perching there precariously with this hilarious expression on his face as if he can't quite believe he is up there either but he's loving it!

He's taken a tumble a couple of times but he is soon back for more lol...I told you living with this lot is verg'n on ridiculous!!

Monday, July 17, 2006

So there is this very cool new blog put together by a group of talented NZ scrappers which hosts a challenge every week. Week 1 is create a layout using the theme 'Vir'gin on the ridiculous' ....and here is mine...focusing on how crazy life is living with a house full of men...little ones and large and one hairy one with sticky out teeth (thats the dog lol!) Got this great snap of them yesterday morning still in their jammies fooling around with some sticky eyes!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Now this is luxery!! updating my blog! the boys have gone off to see Cars with Nana and Grandad and its just me and Samuel...Grandad has just rung to say they will be late as the 12 oclock showing was full and they are having to wait until three...he says Hamilton is hell during the school holidays!! oh dear the poor fellas, never mind the things you do for your grandchildren!!

I may not be the best blogger around but I have actually been scrapping full steam ahead this month...i know unbelievable isn't it!! I think its because I have actually found myself a style of scrapping that I like and I find it easy, I look at some photos and things happen instead of me staring at them for ages and shuffling paper for ages and trying to force them to fit a sketch or a look, I'm going with my heart and what I want to do and its good! I am loving looking at alot of these freestyle scrappers and they are definately a big influence but I'm not quite as full on as them but have found a happy medium that suits me.

My current favourite place to lurk and browse and drool over layouts is here girls come up with challenges to use up their stash and produce some amazing layouts!

Part of the reason I'm getting lots done too is I'm doing lots of challenges, mostly with NZSscrappers and our current challenge master Julie and SE and way to get motivated is to have a deadline! Have even won a couple which is great encouragement too!!

I have just attempted some pics of Samuel, I wanted to capture the cute way his bottom lip sticks out when is concentrating on something, and there he was twiddling the wheels on his tractor as he so loves to do but of course as soon as he spotted the camera ...thats what he wanted instead, so I have captured these pics of him coming to get me lol! well the camera!!