Monday, January 29, 2007

Heres the monkey I've been knitting for the last few weeks...all finished except I'm going to knit him a wee scarf for the winter! He's lovely, by no means perfect, one legs slightly longer than the other, his head is a bit wonky rofl but thats what makes him extra loveable I think and the boys seem to really like him and have been carting him about all day....knitting him up was fun, it was the stitching him together which took ages but I'm the same with layouts... sticking everything down at the end is my least favourite bit!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Ok, so Queen and Co you need to do something about your I'm not talking about the gimmicky but sort of cute makeup bottles used to hold your delightful beads and brads etc.....I'm talking stuff that matters here like child proof caps!

This is why...see left.... concentrating very...very hard(I know this due to the degree of bottom lip stickyoutness) on picking up each individual tiny beadiful bead that he shook out of the bottle after expertly whipping the lid off before I could dive across the room in slow motion and putting it back in the said gimmicky, cutesy bottle....along with a ton of carpet fluff and dog cutesy little bottle full of sparkly beads now looks a little like the old bottle of lip gloss thats been lurking in the bottom of your handbag for 2 years.

Yes my helper was 'helping' me tidy my scrapping mess today....because the big boys are staying at Nana and Grandads for a few nights I thought it would be very cruisy just him and I....but guess what? He's got no-one to play with now silly and has to play with me mwah ha ha!!

Ah well I would never use all those beads in a billion years anyway and the carpet looks very pretty when the light catches them!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Feathers wouldn't melt in my mouth.....its ok Bert we forgive you!

After taking Berts mugshot I couldn't resist a few pics of the garden.....

The lupins look so pretty in the morning sunlight, love different textures between plant and rock, pink flavour from the Japanese garden, cornflowers busting out in the wildflower patch...and my poor tomato plants which are kind enough to have huge tomatos on them despite the lack of care I give them!!

Man, blogger isn't playing today and I can't seem to move my pics around into the right order...will fix it all up later...

Oh yeah don't forget to check out the first Dare for the year over at the NZ Dares blog tomorrow!

blog ya later

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

...A poo of a day today....turns out our lovely Bert (Jack Russell who we rescued from the pound at the end of last year) is a chicken killer and killed 6 of Dads lovely chooks when we visited them today... the kids went over to collect feathers and he had gone with them, so they saw it (double poo!) and came running back for help....he's currently in the dog house outside for the night until I feel up to making peace with him tomorrow....destined to be a town dog for the rest of his more visits to the farm for him of course!

Don't even feel like knitting...thats how bad I feel!

heres to a better day tomorrow...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

It would seem I have been the knitting bug! After ending my post last time with....'so does anyone knit?'....I came across about a kajillion knitting blogs, then I sussed out the knitting section at the library and brought home a cool book called 'Stitch n Bitch, the knitters handbook...the essential guide for chicks with sticks' and with subtitles like 'it takes balls to knit....and skeins and hanks' I knew knitting had moved on from the Granny pasttime or halfdone, holey, out of shape scarves lurking in my childhood memories!

Had a bit of a practice session with a past expert knitter...aka Mum to get me over the casting on hurdle and I was away....

Anyway here is my first knitting creation....the pattern called it a 'techno-cozy' can fit a mobile phone or an ipod (pity I don't have one lol!) but I think its cute just as a little belt bag to pop a bit of money or whatever in...just sony cybershot thats handy!!

Oh well I think its cool and love the look of the chunky knit and bright where was that hottie cover pattern.....

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Well Summer called on us today! Hoo...blimmin....ray!! After the four seasons in one day weather we've been having lately I did a little happy dance inside to see that beautiful clear blue sky!!

So happy in fact I relented on my little stance against paddling pools and fired one into the trolley at the supermarket this $20 bucks I've spent in ages....kept the boys in continual hurtling action...all at the tops of their voices for the best part of the afternoon lol...yes I pity our neighbours...but hey I got to sit in the sun on the grass, keeping my eye on them and the other on my book...oh yes it was good and nothing like fresh air, sunshine and water to get kids tumbling into bed that evening!

Is it a it a turtle.....noooooo its a paddling pool!

Always time for a spot of mowing too!

Speaking of backorder of Elsie Flannigan's 52 challenges arrived today...yay! had totally forgotten about it so it was happy dance time again for me this morning...two in one day! ....still wallowing in it...the book that is, not the happy dancing...its good.

Ok now I know its Summer but I was searching for a gift for a relative in the midst of winter in the UK and came across these....what scrapper wouldn't like one of these to snuggle up to while scrapping on a chilly winters day....did you check out the cozy toes too...cute! Anybody knit?