Monday, May 22, 2006

Well will you look at that! another month has passed! Sometimes one is simply too busy living to stop and think and muse about it!!

Still I now have a lovely new flumfy, warm pair of slippers! So what you say, well the computer is in our bedroom and its hard to leave the comfort and warmth of the lounge to sit on a hard chair in front of the pooter! Although I cheated last night and practically sat on the fan heater!

uh oh, i've been spotted... here he comes, the 9 month old of the house! Samuel is cute beyond words, happy, sweet natured, active... very active, curious and a total pain in the butt lol!! He is the number one cause of chaos in our house at the moment and he has no idea bless him and why should he, he is all about exploration and discovery at the moment!!

He beelines for anything the boys have, empties cupboards...breaking my favourite chinese year of the pig (1971 girl thats me!) mug in the process (tragedy!!), pulls himself up on anything stable or otherwise, is fixated with tv remotes, mobile phones, computer keyboards/mouse and toilets and of course everything has to pass the taste test! We had to take over one of Jims tool boxes in the weekend to house J and P's art and craft supplies as everyone was so sick of picking it all up after Sir Samuel had pulled it off their desk for the one millionth time!

But he is just so lovely, I just feel completely and utterly lucky and amazed to have these three beautiful boys!

Samuel is into waving and nodding and making funny growly monster sounds at the moment (and after seeing King Kong the other night, I've taken to calling him Baby Kong lol!) We often spot him balancing on his own feet without holding on so I am picking like the other too he will be walking by 10 months.. Its quite hard in a way knowing that he is our last bubba, and all these funny little things that babies do won't ever happen again under our roof. Sometimes I almost feel panicky that I havn't taken enough photos or video to remember! I don't ever want to forget! I guess when you get older thats where grandchildren come in so you remember all over again!

Anyway to things scrapbooky of which I have completed nil layouts in recent weeks, I did buy the new autumn leaves Freestyle book, which I have like very much. I did expect it to be more over the top and out of the box than it is but still loads of inspiration to be fact so much my head is spinning with ideas and when I did have an hour to scrap in the weekend I achieved nothing!! I have a wonderful pic of a self portrait Joseph painted at school and I took a beautiful close up of him to go with it, I THOUGHT I had it all mapped out in my head to do but when it came to the crunch I just couldn't get it to transfer to the cs and paper in front of me, its going to be one of those hard ones that evolve slowly I think!

I like this quote from Freestyle...."A creative mess is better than a tidy void"

I'm going to set myself the challenge of tackling it tonight...I will turn the heater on and jolly well just relax and get on with it! I think I'm scared of messing it up cause I really like his painting and the photo and want it to really convey what I feel about it! Oh well we shall see tonight if I can squeeze the old creative juices into action and get messy!!

Here are a couple of my favourite layouts from Freestyle, one by Ashley Wren and the other by Zina.

We subscribe to DVD unlimited and have found it great to select DVD's online and they arrive in the mail. The kids looove it when they have DVD mail!! We currently get a kids one and a adults one. Anyway one of the good things I have found is that aside from seeing all the usual block busters I choose some of the less known ones too which we wouldn't normally do if going down to the vid shop to choose. My recent fave is one called 'In America' which had UK actress Samantha Morton in it, she is an awesome actress! About an Irish family who move to New York, simple story, fantastically intense acting by the cast, and the little girls in it just made it! Well worth the watch!!

My time is up here for now...lets hope I don't blink and another month escapes me!!