Saturday, July 25, 2009

A few photos to relieve the drought this blog has been experiencing in recent times!

These are from riding after a successful morning at to Ohaeawai, with Joseph scoring the only goal of the day and really showing some improved skills with the ball, earning himself player of the day!

Afterwards we hit the shops for new shoes for the big boys....we have given them a stern talking to and told them that any more growing of feet will not be tolerated under any circumstances heh, heh!! At least we are accumulating a nice stock pile of trainers for Samuel for the years to come!!

...And we had to buy our big Kindy boy a new bag for his first day of kindy coming up this Monday!! When I told him the lady had phoned and said he could start he began adamantly telling me that he was still a little boy and that only BIG boys go to kindy! So a new bag was offered as an incentive (definately not a bribe in any shape or form lol!!). He clapped eyes on this little penguin number and it was love at first sight....even has handles and wheels, the he'll be wheeling it on board the plane in September with all his hand luggage no doubt Gran and Pop!! Its not the biggest bag in the world, but luckily we manageto squeeze in a lunch box and drink bottle and a few spare clothes so he'll be all set for his Monday and Wednesday kindy mornings...thats if it lasts the weekend, its been all over the garden, goat feeding, bike riding, and carried and wheeled all over the house non-stop since getting it home!!

Lo, a garden gnome making the most of some wintery sunshine whitening and brightening the house with a lick of paint!

The daily inspection of the daffodil bulbs...happily all the bulbs are peeking through now and are being eagerly monitored by their little owners, yipeee, not long now until Spring! we backtrack a little with some older pics I found on the camera.....

These are from May...Mothers day...went for a walk in Kerikeri...found a hill to run down...well, ahem, the boys did lol! ...I didn't fancy the long haul back to the top!!


and back up again!

Home for an afternoon of teaching the boys to sew...they really gave it a good go and I was suprised by how much they accomplished themselves...I helped when they got tired but they were determined to get them finished that night...

and they did!

Recently I've been doing a bit of knitting and they wanted to learn how to do that they are busy knitting little scarve's for their teddies at the moment!

June.....Queens birthday weekend we drove down to Cambridge to spend a lovely weekend of chat, board games, food, drink, walks and scrabble matches at Nana and Grandad's!

Here J and S are checking out the ice on the pond after a good old Waikato frost....tsk...look at those Northland boys walking around the frosty garden in t-shirts and bare feet!! I ran out with the camera in my jammies and barefeet too and nearly got frost bite after a couple of toes were actually hurting they were so cold....but no amount of coaxing would get these two back in for footwear....

Working up an appetite before lunch at the race course.......

Don't worry Dad...I can see the pub from here!

Back up North the boys took part in the Jump Rope for Heart day...Patrick and his friend Isaiah show us how tandom jumping is done!
Also in June we added to our 'herd' (heh, heh!)....Dominic and Salty Sue had been rescued by the RSPCA in Whangarei and now have a home for life (not just for Christmas) at our place!
They have settled in well with their new paddock buddies...other than a bit of bossy head bunting when the hay and pellets come out...but the sheep just stand their ground and Lulu is quick on her feet and dodges any lowered heads coming her way.... Other than that they are very friendly and will do anything for a handful of feed pellets!!

Our neighbourhood kingfisher....

Oh and our white fluffy hearth rug.....

So there you go....a bit of Wintery goings on from up or over our way!!....depending where you may be!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Some snaps for you!

The boys making their own pizza's during the holidays which flew by very quickly.

Back at school now ready for a new soccer season, first game this Saturday...brrrr... I will be digging out the thermals for my stint of sideline cheering lol! Dad has volunteered to help with the sausage sizzle so he'll be keeping nice and toasty!

Here is Farmer Samuel helping me pull a few carrots for tea...

and sharing the tops to an eager Lulu...

Even Rosie came for a taste....funny sheep...

After a wet Saturday we were happy to see the sun on Sunday and went for a fish and chip lunch followed by a hoon on the beach at Matauri Bay...the boys enjoyed watching the surfers who were out doing their thing on the day I guess it'll be them out there being gnarly dudes on their boards!! Heh!

Joseph and Samuel were keen to get their feet wet and race the waves....

....while Patrick, Bert and I had a huddle going on to ward off the brisk breeze! lol...gale would be a better description!
and finally....spotted....Samuel last week heading off into the paddock with his backpack full of picnic.... on an adventure...

til next time
ta ra for now...
PS....Go team Rawnsley...we are thinking of you heaps!! any day now!

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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey there blog, been a while!

Life goes on (and sometimes you have to run to keep up lol!!) but it is all good at the Darges!

Anyway to get the ball rolling again, here are some pics of all of us with some new found friends at The Parrot Place in Kerikeri yesterday. Joseph's best friend Zoe and her family were visiting up North from Huntly so we had arranged to meet them there. Love the way kids just pick up where they left off and they were soon hooning around together having fun like old times...

The parrots were gorgeous, what characters!! We all found a friend to sit on us (and poo on us aye Joseph heh, heh!!)

Annabel the parrot has found a suitable place to crack a nut....on top of another nut ha!!

Zoe's Grandad and Mum keep avaries at home so they were able to tell us the names of all the different sorts of birds there.

This fine blue fellow decided Josephs head would be a good look out.
Samuel didn't want to get too cosy but enjoyed letting them eat of his hand..
This little guy loved having his head scratched just behind his tufty feathers and would give you a little nibble if you forgot to keep it up lol!!

The parrots love anything shiny or metallic so Jims glasses were getting the nibble treatment here and Zoe lost some of the bling off her pretty top lol!!

So if you happen to find yourself in Kerikeri one day wondering what to do, I definately recommend checking out the friendly folk and birds at The Parrot Place, they have lovely tropical gardens too and we couldn't resist coming home with a few bromilliads for the garden!

At least we didn't come home with a parrot!! Although the kids have decided they are saving up their pocket money for one lol! Jim said he thinks the next best alternative is to train chickens to sit on our shoulders although the poo might not be so easily flicked off with a baby wipe. His project for this winter is to build a chicken coop ready for next spring and on top of creating my outdoor hot tub (oh yes, it is going to be very awesome...all done McGyver style of course with a recycled steel bath and gas burner underneath ...I can hear you laughing now but just you wait and see!! heh, heh)....anyway DIY boy is going to be rather busy!

All scrapbooking is on the backburner at the moment...other things to do at the moment...I'm sure one day there will be a time when I get back into it. Thanks to Lisa and Lianne and everybody at Scrapbook Studio, I had lots of fun during my time there! Also NZ dares are running their final dare...had a good innings there was great scrapping alongside all the inspirational dare girls!
ok on with the day...a nice relaxed day at home....more vege gardeing calls....the holidays have been good, doing bush walks, kayaking, fishing, Monsters vs Aliens at the movies, shopping in Whangarei...
catch you later
Meek and the gang!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dear Blog...

Sorry but Christmas followed by good weather, summer fun, beach, garden, boys in holiday mode and some house redecorating means time has flown by without a single update for 2009 yet...*gasp!! Even the Bulls crew have updated their blog before me heh, heh!! Go Looby!

So this is us catching up...firstly...

Christmas at Mum and Dads in Cambridge...yay Jim is on holiday at last!...
Ok people so after going through the many, many shots i clicked off of 'the cuzzies' group shot this was the 'best' one....mwah ha ha ha!! They are so going to hate us when we pull this out at their 21st's!!Carol and Al coping admirably with a house 'full' of kids and grandkids!!
Now Santa...about that Pony you promised last year......Samuel found flaked on the couch Christmas day, cuddled up next to his new fire engine from Santa...

and hanging out with his main man Connor...thanks Connor for playing endlessly and so patiently with all your little hanger on'ers!
Nice to have some gorgeous girls around the place! Jessica and Shea get into the spirit of the day with some grape juice bubbles....
...the lovely Nyah....
and even little Daisy la-la was dolled up in her best christmas gears! Poor Bert and Harry didn't know what they were missing!
Jim has the cream whipping all under control with the egg beater which made the move from the must be an ancient artifact by now that thing...was around when I was a smart comments please!
Awww look its number 11...playing peek a boo's with Aunty nice to meet you at last Ben!

Another ancient family artifact still going strong, the Sorry boardgame...

And cricket also proved popular with one and all...the boys are still into it since getting home and we have had to upgrade Grandad's home made bat to a bigger kids version of the real thing.
and then after a lovely few days catching up with the family..especially the memorable game of pictionary we had, that was really lovely...ha ha ha!! Well it just wouldn't have been right if we had played it nicely... It was home again for New years eve...Jim lit the bonfire in the back paddock and we roasted marshmallows....eventually...once the raging inferno had died down a tad and we could get close enough iwthout singeing our eyebrows...ha!

The boys were given the opportunity to stay up til midnight to see in the new year if they we turned the video channel on tv and had a good laugh at some of the old songs on the countdown, the boys busted out some pretty good moves to MC Hammers 'You can't touch this' when they wern't cracking themselves up over his funny pants!....Samuel was snoring by 10, Patrick valiantly lasted until 10.30 and of course Joseph was determined to last the distance and triumphantly counted down the last seconds of 2008 with Mum and Dad and has the champagne cork tucked away on his treasure shelf as a reminder of his first ever New Year that he stayed up!...and so here we are in 2009!!

Oh look it is the resident nudist colony having a picnic in our garden... they are in an out of the pool so much they soon grow tired of getting in and out of clothes and so on very warm days they give up on the idea all together!
Our new past time.....Kayaking...the best fun!!
....Jim (all on his own...and no pressure from the missus whatsoever!its true!)decided as much as he loves him that it was time for little red car to move he is off to live with a gentleman in Christchurch, where he will be very well looked after with lots of other classic cars to keep him company...yes its end of another little chapter....

...but on a happier note it has enabled us to get set up with our first kayak, aptly nicknamed the 'Big Banana'! Getting the whole family out together and enjoying something together was the aim and its been a great success. After the first try the boys have proved their worth with a paddle and get stuck right in each time...Jim already has his sights on a second kayak so we can all go exploring together, apparently you can even fish off a kayak...who knew?! there are great plans for fishing and camping's to many adventures to come on the HMS Big Banana!!
and when he is gliding through the waters of the BOI he can usually be found in the garden or mowing the grounds lol! The vege patch is coming on great this year...courgettes and green and butter beans coming out our ears, love the red onions...will definately seed a bigger onion patch next time, the iceburg lettuce were a success..but should have staggered the planting...small lesson learned...the runner beans are going nuts, hairy but strangely fresh and tasty lol...the corn and tomato's and watermelons are coming on well, the spuds are growing like weeds and taste good too, threw in some radish, rocket and carrot seed the other day and they popped up in record time...planting conditions are GO!!

Oh look the nudist colony's Dad has joined in the action..heh, heh...if you can't beat 'em join 'em!

Today we headed over to Paihia for the annual sandcastle competition ...such a fun day, absolutely knackered when we got home...some mad closet sand sculpting talent around! Unfortunately our camera was out of action so we couldn't record the day but we managed to score a prize with Jim's hopefully there might be a pic in the local paper next week to share then...
Well thats it for my mammoth first post of the year...

hey! wake up.