Saturday, July 25, 2009

A few photos to relieve the drought this blog has been experiencing in recent times!

These are from riding after a successful morning at to Ohaeawai, with Joseph scoring the only goal of the day and really showing some improved skills with the ball, earning himself player of the day!

Afterwards we hit the shops for new shoes for the big boys....we have given them a stern talking to and told them that any more growing of feet will not be tolerated under any circumstances heh, heh!! At least we are accumulating a nice stock pile of trainers for Samuel for the years to come!!

...And we had to buy our big Kindy boy a new bag for his first day of kindy coming up this Monday!! When I told him the lady had phoned and said he could start he began adamantly telling me that he was still a little boy and that only BIG boys go to kindy! So a new bag was offered as an incentive (definately not a bribe in any shape or form lol!!). He clapped eyes on this little penguin number and it was love at first sight....even has handles and wheels, the he'll be wheeling it on board the plane in September with all his hand luggage no doubt Gran and Pop!! Its not the biggest bag in the world, but luckily we manageto squeeze in a lunch box and drink bottle and a few spare clothes so he'll be all set for his Monday and Wednesday kindy mornings...thats if it lasts the weekend, its been all over the garden, goat feeding, bike riding, and carried and wheeled all over the house non-stop since getting it home!!

Lo, a garden gnome making the most of some wintery sunshine whitening and brightening the house with a lick of paint!

The daily inspection of the daffodil bulbs...happily all the bulbs are peeking through now and are being eagerly monitored by their little owners, yipeee, not long now until Spring! we backtrack a little with some older pics I found on the camera.....

These are from May...Mothers day...went for a walk in Kerikeri...found a hill to run down...well, ahem, the boys did lol! ...I didn't fancy the long haul back to the top!!


and back up again!

Home for an afternoon of teaching the boys to sew...they really gave it a good go and I was suprised by how much they accomplished themselves...I helped when they got tired but they were determined to get them finished that night...

and they did!

Recently I've been doing a bit of knitting and they wanted to learn how to do that they are busy knitting little scarve's for their teddies at the moment!

June.....Queens birthday weekend we drove down to Cambridge to spend a lovely weekend of chat, board games, food, drink, walks and scrabble matches at Nana and Grandad's!

Here J and S are checking out the ice on the pond after a good old Waikato frost....tsk...look at those Northland boys walking around the frosty garden in t-shirts and bare feet!! I ran out with the camera in my jammies and barefeet too and nearly got frost bite after a couple of toes were actually hurting they were so cold....but no amount of coaxing would get these two back in for footwear....

Working up an appetite before lunch at the race course.......

Don't worry Dad...I can see the pub from here!

Back up North the boys took part in the Jump Rope for Heart day...Patrick and his friend Isaiah show us how tandom jumping is done!
Also in June we added to our 'herd' (heh, heh!)....Dominic and Salty Sue had been rescued by the RSPCA in Whangarei and now have a home for life (not just for Christmas) at our place!
They have settled in well with their new paddock buddies...other than a bit of bossy head bunting when the hay and pellets come out...but the sheep just stand their ground and Lulu is quick on her feet and dodges any lowered heads coming her way.... Other than that they are very friendly and will do anything for a handful of feed pellets!!

Our neighbourhood kingfisher....

Oh and our white fluffy hearth rug.....

So there you go....a bit of Wintery goings on from up or over our way!!....depending where you may be!


Raewyn aka whinney said...

yaaaay glad to see the drought has broken Meek! Love your stories and your photos. Those three handsome boys have grown so much. Think of you all often please keep blogging.
Next time post a photo of YOU too!

Jenny said...

ice to hear your news, Meek. SOunds like you are all having lots of fun up there

Lara said...

what a lovely update Monique :-)

Jenners said...

All the photos just look wonderful -- sunny and green and happy. And I love love love that penguin bag!

Michelle Payne said...

Hi Monique

Can you check your Facebook messages please (under Other) as I'm not on your Friends list - emailed you re your mum (Carol) as worried and not heard anything.
Thanks, Michelle