Monday, November 27, 2006

My favourite photo from the weekend...Nana and P doing it! Patrick's favourite thing at the moment is Athletics on Wednesday afternoons and they do all sorts of things like obstacle courses and games. So yesterday he decided he was going to design an obstacle course for everyone... with the help of Grandad providing sticks and gumboots and other things to jump he did! So we worked off our lunch with a few laps of his obstacle that photo, fluffy slippers and all!!

And on the scrapping front another layout for the UK trip album yippee, not far off finishing!

We made sushi in the weekend, complete with the pickled pink ginger and a dab of wasabi(just a dab no more otherwise it'd blow your head off)...YUMMO!!! and so easy!! Our dream trip is still Japan!!

The kids were watching Bad Jelly the Witch yesterday, I love that story, brings back memories of snuggling up in bed 7 o'clock on a Sunday morning listening to Spike Milligan reading Bad Jelly on the radio! The video version is very cool though and the boys loved it.

I am feeling very smug because somehow I am on top of the christmas shopping...have just been gathering things up here and there over the last couple of months...woohoo!! Still racking my brain on how we can manage a christmas tree this year with young Samuel wrecking everything in the nicest, cutest possible way of course....Jims suggestion....hang it from the ceiling...might just have to as well!!!

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

NZ dare time again!! man two weeks just went like that!

Didn't want to miss being part of the international (US, UK, Oz and NZ) combined dare so after struggling with this one for a bit, here is the end result (raced home from the kids athletics with 10 minutes to spare to upload in a hurry!).

This is me and my old sheepskin rug friend Ruggy who was thoroughly loved to the end...he was a small sad scrap of leather by the time I finally said goodbye around 10 years old lol!

The dare required you to scrap a childhood memory, cover your whole background cs , put your title on the photo, add a touch of paint ( I used white paint on the scallop edges).

Must go and see what everyone else has done for this!

For the last couple of weeks I have been thinking of making an advent calendar for the boys this year...but my wonderful MIL has bet me to it and sent the most gorgeous fabric calendar with pockets and all the goodies to go in as well!! The boys are going to LOVE it! Havn't got a pic of it yet...will do soon.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Pucker up Baby! Some serious candle blowing going on here....Happy 4th birthday Patrick!

We have had all had a lovely relaxed day, pressies and bike riding this morning then lunch out at the local for huuugge burgers and lots of chips and pink lemonade with Nana and mess, no fuss.

In fact Jim and I were even totally relaxed creating the sponge bob cake last night...we are getting good at this birthday thing or have we simply realised kids do not look for perfection, they are too busy enjoying the moment.

Anyway on the way home Patrick announced this was 'best birthday EVER'!!...we did good Jim!!