Friday, May 30, 2008

The first challenge is up for SO YOU THINK YOU CAN SCRAP!! heh, heh, heh!!! CHECK IT OUT HERE!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

KATE NASH - PUMPKIN SOUP (this is a linky, cause I havn't worked out how to embed it in my post....yet lol!)

Just discovered this girl (thanks to Lalalee)love her voice, love her songs and cute videos!! You can check out more of her stuff on You Tube....ahem and please dont' ask me what rock I've been living under if she's been around for ages....I am about to hit my 37th birthday ya know, it takes us old ladies time to catch up ya know mwah ha ha!!

Well we are hunkering down for winter the fire going now in the evenings...trying to entice the kids to eat my yummy far they take a sip and thats it...but hey at least I've educated them now not to spit it out and declare that 'ITS DISGUSTING!!!' Heh,heh!! Oh and rather miffed that Patricks teacher made them vege soup last week, there topic for the term is food, and I laughed when he told me and asked 'well did you eat it?' and he said YES!! Apparently Mrs Ritchie had said they HAD funny, I then threatened to invite Mrs Ritchie for tea every time I dished up soup...should have seen his face!

The vege garden is going great guns sure loved the leaf mulch, sheep pellets and compost we fed it a few months back! We've got leeks, spinach, carrots, broccolli, radish, lettuces, sweetpeas, nastursiums and potatoes all looking healthy and growing well...considering the summers dismal efforts i am well pleased!!

oh and lookie here....somebody has been sneakily using the camera to take pics of his friends the little einsteins lol!!

The So You Think You Can Scrap comp at Scrapbook Studio is revving up for the first challenge this Friday!! Wow we have had an amazing response to it...thanks ladies for taking part...cant' wait!!

Megan's new forum has been a huge success...huge kudos to her for bringing all NZ scrapbookers together in one place! check it out HERE if you havn't already.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Feeding the ducks with Nana and Grandad at the park in Cambridge (man there were HEAPS!! obviously they know that it is duck shooting season and head for the nearest urban park, they're not silly!!....which can't be said for those unfortunate hunters sitting, freezing their bits off in a damp cold maimai of a foggy morning rofl!). Lovely to see some Autumn colour as we don't get much here in the North....will add some more pics tomorrow....I wore myself out making the fantastic new blog banner up there so I'm heading to bed...heh, heh.

Edited to add more pics......
A beautiful sunshiney Cambridge day!

Look at how big these two rascals are getting! They had a great time at Rainbows end on the way down, there favourite bit was the arcade where you bought tokens and played different types of games which gave you tickets at the end depending on how well you then got to trade your tickets in on toys at the counter...they really enjoyed the whole process, counting up the tickets, and working out what they could buy for that amount of tickets...we came away with a wonderful booty of rubbishy plastic toys...the best one was the wind up false teeth which we presented to Granddad in case he might need them some time soon rofl!! We did our bit on the kiddy rides at the Cadbury Land area but I could see that next time we go they will be well ready for some of the bigger rides like the log flume and the go karts etc....we walked around and looked at the big swinging pirate ship and the new roller coaster, their eyes bugging out with glee!

Our little fireman Sam...every single day there is some sort of fireman role play...the little plastic one he got for Christmas is on its last legs with bits lovingly pulled off and the wheels enthusiastically squashed down so they don't turn anymore, the siren dosn't work anymore, but he still loves it. The ride on firetruck loaded with the belt off my dressing gown for a hose and with a serious crack in the seat that has been worn smooth by small bums still gets raced up and down the house to various emergencies followed in hot pursuit by Tom the helicopter pilot (Mum) who has to whirl a piece of plastic piping above his (her)head when flying the helicopter. Playcentre is a favourite as the play fort has a fire engine incorporated into it and any time we go to a playground the first thing he flies down is the fact many things are turned into firemen poles...the washing line pole, the leg of the coffee table, the shade cloth pole (owwee splinters!)

Jim sporting his winter goatee!

Here is Mum and Dads Beautiful new house, currently having a new garden landscaped with ponds and all! They has even joined the blogging world From the Horses mouth so we can keep uptodate with life in Cambridge!

A bit horse riding action across the road at the training track every morning makes for a great atmosphere!

Its a great home stay I tell ya, gorgeous rooms and we got bacon and eggs for breakfast and delicious roast dinner, a little waiter who runs around swatting the flies and they even have a baby sitting service! 5-star **** recommend to all! heh, heh, heh!!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ok this is purely a scrappy post to tout, shout and pout? (well it rhymes so what the heck lol!!) all about the FABULOUS competition we have put together over at Scrapbook Studio

(and for the family who don't give a two hoots *gasp* about scrapbooking.... pics of us hanging out with Nana and Grandad in Cambridge coming soon as I remember to get Jim to download the pics off his work camera lol!)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Happy weekend all....sun shining here, the boys had a great soccer match, Joseph scored a fantastic goal, Patrick was a wee tiger tackling and had a great run dribbling the ball up the field and kicking into the centre....there were lots of enthusiastic parents giving encouragement from the sideline which was nice to see....rather showed up the oppositions coach who sounded cross 90% of the time...forgot here happy pills this morning I think...poor kids being on her team!!

Check out this fella....

Yesterday Samuel came out from his room like this and announced very seriously that he was the Dad and I was the Mum (oh yay...I always get to be the Mum!!!!) He then did a wonderful job looking after the baby, wiping her bum, putting her to bed, took us for a drive in the car to the beach and the 'big town' making sure we both put our seat belts on first, pushed the baby in the stroller.... what a great Dad!! Just a little old fashioned in that he insisted I had to follow him around everywhere lol!! and not quite sure where our income was coming from either as neither of us had to go to work heh, heh...maybe we were lotto winners!

Have been enjoying doing some 6x12 layouts recently, they are so quick and fun to whip up!

The So Happy one is for the new dare that went up last night...Trina has created a great sketch to creative, have fun and interpret it in your own way!

Well winter is nearly upon us and at Scrapbook Studio we have been turning the old brain cell cogs and and have come up with a super fun idea to keep everyone busy and happy scrapping during the dreary season... its going to be fun, fun, fun so watch this space for more details soon!!!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

Using up more old supplies...yay it feels gooooddd da da da da da!!!

SEI paper...I lined the stripes with pen, a mm metal plaque, an old tag, and some ancient stickers too!

Heidi has got a quick-fire challenge happening over at Scrapbook Studio so if you are in the need for some scrapping fun click the link....

The Kiwi Jack for May is up...a wonderful layout by fellow Scrapbook Studio-ite Louise Williams....give it a go....heres what I did using some of the April Astro boy kit from Scrapbook me some robots!! and my little P when he was very little...only I have been told now that I am never to call him P at school or on the soccer field sidlines or when we are out....waaahhhh....being told off by your five your old smarts!

Not sure whats on the cards this weekend...although it is NSD (National Scrapbooking Day) which means a whole lot of fun challenges happening around the cyber scrapbooking world....I've already got my name down for one at SiStv
which means me getting up at around 6 am to scrap heh, heh....its ok I'll just sit and scrap in bed...jim won't mind I'm sure!