Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hey there blog, been a while!

Life goes on (and sometimes you have to run to keep up lol!!) but it is all good at the Darges!

Anyway to get the ball rolling again, here are some pics of all of us with some new found friends at The Parrot Place in Kerikeri yesterday. Joseph's best friend Zoe and her family were visiting up North from Huntly so we had arranged to meet them there. Love the way kids just pick up where they left off and they were soon hooning around together having fun like old times...

The parrots were gorgeous, what characters!! We all found a friend to sit on us (and poo on us aye Joseph heh, heh!!)

Annabel the parrot has found a suitable place to crack a nut....on top of another nut ha!!

Zoe's Grandad and Mum keep avaries at home so they were able to tell us the names of all the different sorts of birds there.

This fine blue fellow decided Josephs head would be a good look out.
Samuel didn't want to get too cosy but enjoyed letting them eat of his hand..
This little guy loved having his head scratched just behind his tufty feathers and would give you a little nibble if you forgot to keep it up lol!!

The parrots love anything shiny or metallic so Jims glasses were getting the nibble treatment here and Zoe lost some of the bling off her pretty top lol!!

So if you happen to find yourself in Kerikeri one day wondering what to do, I definately recommend checking out the friendly folk and birds at The Parrot Place, they have lovely tropical gardens too and we couldn't resist coming home with a few bromilliads for the garden!

At least we didn't come home with a parrot!! Although the kids have decided they are saving up their pocket money for one lol! Jim said he thinks the next best alternative is to train chickens to sit on our shoulders although the poo might not be so easily flicked off with a baby wipe. His project for this winter is to build a chicken coop ready for next spring and on top of creating my outdoor hot tub (oh yes, it is going to be very awesome...all done McGyver style of course with a recycled steel bath and gas burner underneath ...I can hear you laughing now but just you wait and see!! heh, heh)....anyway DIY boy is going to be rather busy!

All scrapbooking is on the backburner at the moment...other things to do at the moment...I'm sure one day there will be a time when I get back into it. Thanks to Lisa and Lianne and everybody at Scrapbook Studio, I had lots of fun during my time there! Also NZ dares are running their final dare...had a good innings there was great scrapping alongside all the inspirational dare girls!
ok on with the day...a nice relaxed day at home....more vege gardeing calls....the holidays have been good, doing bush walks, kayaking, fishing, Monsters vs Aliens at the movies, shopping in Whangarei...
catch you later
Meek and the gang!


Raewyn aka whinney said...

have missed seeing you online Meek. Heck those gorgeous boys of yours are getting bigger and more gorgeouser LOL. Please keep blogging!

Roo said...

Hey chickie, cool to see you are all okay up there and having heaps of fun. Love the birds - must def check that place out one day. So nice to hear from you again. Yep I agree those boys are sprinting away :-)

Jenny said...

Great to see you back Meek. I tried to contat you a fe times to see how you are. We're going to go north this coming summer so will definitely call in at the Parrot Place

Sonya said...

Lovely to 'see' you all again Meek!
You will just love your bath, my hubby put one in our garden several years back, and is was ever so lovely soaking out there on a warm summer evening with candles and wine!! Those were the days! My goodness your children have grown so much in a very short time. Love your gorgeous photos!!Hugs from me.